Welcome to The Quiet Won's Net thingy

I do a lot of different things Audio, Video & Computers
Consulting, Troubleshooting and repair. ( Mac, Windows, Linux )
( if I can't fix it it's probably time to get a new one but I'll try )

Live sound and event live streaming, some video editing and video work.
And a lot of audio related stuff from mixing, some editing/recording.
and I'm just starting to dip my toes into the realm of film / location Audio ( I am finally getting around to absorbing the next matrix skill set disks ).
I am currently working on adding mobile event temporary WIFI Internet as a service I can provide.

{ Welcome to anybody who might have been curious from the ferry festival 2024-05-20 in Berkeley Springs Park.
Maybe send me a message and let me know how the WIFI worked I was unable to be there most of the weekend. }

Mark Winiarski
I am in the Berkeley Springs area,
and I've been everywhere from Pennsylvania to Virginia and Maryland with various small bands.
I will also be at the Mac Ice House in Berkeley Springs for their Friday night concerts (probably hiding out somewhere)

I'm simplistic, quiet and believe a nice basic website functions on everything!
This is currently being hosted on an old iBook
I also haven't quite figured out what to put here yet.


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