The Quiet Won Log

This is a run-on page keeping a log of all maintenance on most machines for your enjoyment.
for the newest information go to the bottom.
All the formats are in (Y/yy/mm/dd) EST/EDT.

log entry Y100514-16:10
Marks-iBook G3 900MHz 14"
UpTime ~ 5 days 00:20:00
I just finished an update moving from 256 MB to 640 MB the max that this system can handle,
this was a long-overdue upgrade that I wanted to do for a long time.
I also upgraded my moms iBook G3 900MHz 13"? to the same.
while I was in there i decided to take out my Airport card, it hasn't been playing nicely with my WPA network so most of the time I had it off.
I decided to take it out because I figured this Web server probably isn't going anywhere that it would require Wi-Fi and that's mostly because....
this is one of the infamous G3's with a video chip problem that causes no video to be outputted either by built-in display or VGA out.
( Google it + iBook G3 Video chip problem ).

log entry Y100824-17:20
New to the site a WEB CAM.
when it is on line.

log entry Y110607-23:10
Going off-line for an attempt at drive repartitioning, to give me more space on the Web server.
because after all this Web server at one point was my primary laptop
and thus most of the space is allocated for a data partition and not for the operating system partition.
I will be restarting into target disk mode and using a FireWire cable to another Mac.
and i will be running defrag and Drive genius repartitioning software.
UpTime = 47d, 6h, 27m

log entry Y110608-00:37
Defrag finished, moving on to the repartitioning.

log entry Y110608-17:35
Finally finished repartitioning.

log entry Y110808-02:00{a}
Went off-line approximately at 2 AM.
local access only.
i had to move the home server to a new location, in in other words I had to move.

log entry Y110810-00:57
The final System shutdown.
UpTime 62d 7h 20m

log entry Y110813
Moved into new house.
went with no Internet for multiple months.
Found out how badly frontier is/was running the mess purchased from Verizon.
went with no Internet for multiple months, again.
Switched to "Hughes–net" got ripped off on cable ( and the service ),
(web 125' free. phone 25'. installer 1/ft for 300', oh not 300' it was 178', but paid $300 personal check! deposited on a holiday, no way to cancel!).
and got "FAP"ted to death. no public address on top of being proxied through a compression server for no point, and i was still using just twice++++ as much data.
eventually switch to AT&T cellular, no public address either.

log entry Y121029-31
ALL Systems shutdown!
mostly due to the lack of electricity and the need to conserve battery power, A.K.A the UPS and to conserve Internet connectivity.
it was due to Super-Storm Sandy and the need to pack away every single bit of property from the house just in case.
and this being a home server it had to be evacuated, and living abnormally close to the Potomac River at that....
thankfully the house came out OK, but the water came up to about 10 feet from a retaining wall, which had a gap of 5 feet to the house.
and don't forget the satellite dish on a 8? foot pole which went underwater!
( the dish did still work afterwards, however the service "Hughes–net" was still just as crappy! ).
and that went out during the storm, before it went under but still no kidding,
( like somewhere near the beginning before it started to even rain heavy, no prior connectivity problems ).
AT&T was up the entire time, until I ran out of battery power, "?HOW?".

log entry Y140224-02:14
I Just finished a three-day stint at setting up a VM file upload container with direct directory linking.
so one day when I get a public IP address again, then I'll be up with a file upload capability.
( public and private, { the public one will certainly be interesting, can you say send me malware and viruses!}).
except for now I don't have a use for it vs. a handful of years ago there was a legitimate use to suck up remote files from somebody.
i should also mention that at some point I dropped back in my Airport card, due to the need of having a backup network interface.
and discovering that the original Airport card does not like WPA2 encryption and dropping to regular WPA creates a normal environment for it.
for many months have past. things have been on, things have been off. things have been hear things have been their.
and In time has been lost. drives have been upgraded, drives have been backed up, erased, recovered and restored, etc.